Argo Gold Cup

Bermuda is a yachtman’s paradise. And no event is a greater test of their skills than the Argo Gold Cup.

Rent your own wheels to catch the sails

Get some wind in your sails this autumn and enjoy some spectator-friendly, match-race sailing at the annual Argo Group Bermuda Gold Cup. Each October, the Gold Cup thrills tourists with the ultimate wave-top duel. Two identical yet rival boats keep each other at bay using only the wind, the currents, and some astute blocking and tacking.

For spectators, there’s no better grandstand than Hamilton Harbour, right next to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Marina. To catch the sport and spray from dawn till dusk, all you need are two wheels from Elbow Beach Cycles, the home of Bermuda’s biggest choice of rental scooters.

About the Argo Gold Cup

Sailing is as much a part of Bermudian culture as pink sands and afternoon teas. And the Argo Gold Cup offers yachting at its most exhilarating – one-on-one combat on the high seas, with the faster boat from the blocks covering its rival by blocking its wind. When the trailing yacht counters by tacking, a spectacular tacking duel ensues.

The Gold Cup is the world’s oldest match-racing trophy for one-design yachts. Dating back to 1907, when King Edward VII commemorated the 300th anniversary of the first permanent settlement in America, it’s a fundamental aspect of Bermudian tradition. Today, the Argo Gold Cup is the penultimate stage of the Alaric World Match Racing Tour and part of the Match Racing World Championship.

For tourists and locals alike, the action is simply unmissable. When you do eventually tear yourself from the quayside, take time to explore Hamilton Harbour’s many pubs and eateries. For easing wind-blown and surf-tossed hunger pangs, there’s everything from delectable Bermuda scallops, lobster, mussels and fish to Thai, Indian, French and Chinese delights. And all washed down with either an exotic fresh fruit punch or traditional Dark n’ Stormy.

Put the wind in your own sails

To travel like the wind to the Argo Gold Cup – and save enough for quayside nosh –
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