The Stunning Beaches Of Southampton Parish, Bermuda

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Southampton Parish beaches in Bermuda

If you are holidaying in Bermuda this year, why not relax on one of Southampton’s famous beaches….

Southampton Parish is located on Main Island, in the south west of Bermuda. It comprises approximately 2.3 square miles and bears the name of Henry Wriothesley, Third Earl of Southampton. The parish is a popular tourist destination, partly due to its stunning natural scenery and its wonderful beaches.

The parish is the site of the beloved Horseshoe Bay. It is possibly the most well known beach on the whole island. It is situated on the southern Atlantic coast, right by the ocean. The beach is celebrated for its arresting white sand. It has a busy cafe in the summertime, along with bathroom and shower amenities. It is also known for its weekly beach volleyball games held every summer.

Horseshoe Bay is close to the intimate and highly regarded Peel Bay beach.

If you are a fan of water sports, take a trip to Church Bay. This beach on Church Bay Park, near South Shore, is a famous Bermuda snorkelling spot. It is renowned for its incredible reefs, with placid waters and pink sand. The surrounding waters are also filled with fascinating varieties of fish life.

There is also a great deal of snorkelling done at West Whale Bay, in South Shore. It is found near Middle Road, at the edge of Whale Bay Road. This close knit beach is beneath a rock strewn cliff face. It is thought to be best visited at low tide. It is a prime spot for a packed lunch and its peaceful waters make it perfect for swimming.

Whale Bay is readily associated with the pastime of whale watching. It is considered one of the premiere locales for shore fishing on the island. The bay is also close to the remains of the Whale Bay Fort And Battery, a historical British military outpost.

Pompano Beach, Munro Beach and Christian Bay are also among the lesser known, but equally remarkable beaches found in Southampton, Bermuda.

Southampton’s beaches can be the picture perfect place to spend your holiday this year!

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