Bermuda Cricket Cup Match 2013

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Bermuda Cup Match 2013

August is the month when the island celebrates a special sporting event. It is the Bermuda Cricket Cup Match 2013.

This is an annual, long held tradition, where the whole of Bermuda seems to stop to enjoy the cricket. The match attracts thousands of viewers every year, who may chose to either to watch the game on television, or go to the stadium. The entire island seems to get caught up in the event, which sees cricket played on consecutive days, on the 1st and 2nd of August. The match also encompasses two of the biggest holidays on the island, both Emancipation Day and Somer’s Day.

Cup Match is said to have been officially taking place since July 1902. This was when St. George’s Cricket Club, from the eastern side of the island, played a game against the Somerset Cricket Club, from the west. The home side would annually alternate between the east and west, with St. George’s hosting the event one year, and then Somerset the next. The match would continue for a period of two days, and the people loved watching it so much that the labour force on the island would suffer, as many employees would call in sick or not turn up to work. This eventually led to the government of the island making the period of the match a public holiday, in 1947, so that Bermudians could watch the game.

The Cricket Cup Match has now become a part of the national identity of Bermuda. This custom is set to go on when Somerset Cricket Club and St. George’s Cricket Club meet at the latter’s home ground, on Wellington Slip Road, in St George’s.

Bermuda Cricket Cup Match 2013

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