Bermuda Hotels Reviews & Deals

Posted in News: Apr 13th, 2011 Michael

Here at Elbow Beach Cycles, we will reviewing some of Bermuda’s top hotels and resorts in 2011, including any special offers and deals we hear about.

There are a multitude of accommodation styles to choose from in Bermuda, including villas, hotels, resorts, cottages, bed & breakfasts – the list goes on.

There are Bermuda hotels for every taste and every requirement, from romantic and discreet locations to larger hotels with a wide offer of services and facilities.

Bermuda resorts hotels are ideal for those who are looking for a place that provides all they need during their time on the islands. Most of the resorts are beach-front and have several restaurants, a private beach to enjoy the beauty of the North Atlantic in the best conditions, swimming-pools, water-sports facilities, spas to get pampered and looked after, a concierge, room service and even retail stores.

Smaller Bermuda hotels are typically owned by local families and appeal to those who are looking for holidays with an authentic feeling. They usually have a restaurant and a pool or a private beach, sometimes both. Other facilities are available in some of these hotels. They all have their own personality, adding to the charm of Bermuda to provide an unforgettable experience.

Prices for accommodation vary, whether it is a luxury 5 star hotel in Bermuda, a resort or a more personal and quiet cheap hotel. It is worth bearing in mind that there is a government tax added on all room bills as well as services charges from the hotels themselves.

A Bermuda Resort

Bermuda hotels and resorts are not the only place one can stay during holidays. A stay in a Bermuda guest house will transport you into another era. Most of the guest houses are old Bermudian manor houses, some as old as the 1700′s, converted in tourist accommodations. With luxurious gardens and swimming-pools, they are great places to stay and take in all the best Bermuda has to offer. Or you can still opt for some of the apartments or cottages, ideal for families or large groups of friends who want a bit more privacy.

There is only one resort in Bermuda which offers an all-inclusive option: the Grotto Bay Beach Resort. However, meal plans are available at many Bermuda hotels, with all possible combinations of room, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bermuda hotels have much more to offer than just accommodation to their guests but also to visitors: spas, restaurants, tennis courts, putting greens, bars, night entertainment venues and much more. Everything is done so that you have the best time possible without any worries in Bermuda.

First up will be the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Elbow Beach. Check back soon!


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