Bermuda Hurricane Season

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Sattelite Pic Of A Hurricane In The Caribbean

Despite the fact that Bermuda was discovered following a hurricane that caused a ship to crash on the Island’s reefs, shouldn’t put you off coming here and having a great vacation in Bermuda!

Bermuda is not located in the Caribbean – as many people mistakenly think – so hurricanes are not as frequent as one would think. In fact, the Bermuda Weather Service has conducted studies showing that since 1609, the Island is only affected, on average, by storms every six to seven years.

This hurricane season is similar in Bermuda than in the rest of the Atlantic and generally runs from May to November, with most of the hurricanes occurring in August, September and October. Due to the absence of gradual undersea slope in Bermuda and the presence of reefs all around the island, severe storm surges can happen. When they do, they can be joined by high waves.

The wind and rain in Bermuda is not as heavy and powerful as in the Caribbean, but that is not the only reason why storm damage is rare. By law, all buildings must be made of solid material such as Bermuda limestone or concrete blocks to resist tropical storms.

When these rare storms gale winds do occur, they can cause damage to the electrical system which is naturally a problem for Islanders.

Unfortunately, the strongest hurricane to hit Bermuda in the last four decades – hurricane Fabian – killed four people in September 2003. As it was such a disaster, the name Fabian has been removed from the rotative list of 21 names used by the World Meteorological Organisation for severe Atlantic Ocean weather.

It’s very rare for travellers to see their arrivals or departures delayed or cancelled because of hurricanes and many resorts and hotels have a Hurricane Guarantee that waves penalties in these conditions.

Here’s an extract of some information from (although we already know Berdua’s not in the Caribbean!:

Recognizing that visitors may become wary about traveling during the peak of the storm season (Aug. 1 – Nov. 1), many Bermuda hotels have joined together to offer Bermuda Hotel Association’s Hurricane Guarantee program.

Although Bermuda isn’t visited by hurricanes as often as the Caribbean or Florida, the storms do occasionally strike the island. Other times, they carry more water than wind.The terms of the Hurricane Guarantee program are fairly generous considering everything is outside of the hotels’ control.


Here is what the plan offers:

If the Bermuda Weather Service predicts a hurricane-force storm to approach within 200 miles of Bermuda and within five days, you may cancel reservations without penalty.


If during your stay Bermuda is directly affected by a hurricane (as determined by the Bermuda Weather Service), the participating hotel will not charge for rooms, food and beverage or other essential services for any period of time that the hotel’s normal services are unavailable.


If a participating hotel is unable to continue operations due to damage incurred by a hurricane (as determined by the Bermuda Weather Service), the hotel will invite you to return for a complimentary stay within one year from the reopening.


The replacement stay must be taken within one year from the hotel’s reopening and will be in an equivalent room category to the original booking.

More complete
Hurricane Guarantee terms and conditions are available from the participating hotels.

So don’t worry about tropical storms, we are ready for them! And if they happen, then you’re covered by proxy! Just come over and enjoy the beauty of our Island with total peace of mind. And when you’re here, why not see gorgeous Bermuda on a scooter rental from Elbow Beach Cycles. If you book online, you save 10% and if you book early enough, you can save 15%! Now that won’t make you feel under the weather!


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