Bermuda Scooter And Moped Safety Tips

Posted in: News - Last Updated: September 24th, 2015 by Dolores Thomas

One of the charms of Bermuda is its particularity that it is not spoiled by too many cars like too many places of our modern world. This is the reason that only locals are allowed a car on the island.

The best way to travel, after your feet, is to rent a scooter / moped! In Bermuda scooter safety is very important because there can be many of them on the roads, which can get very narrow.

Classic Bermuda Street

You don’t need a licence of any kind to drive a moped or a scooter, but it’s important to rent a bike in Bermuda from the correct company, like Elbow Beach Cycles, who has an impeccable moped safety record.

We put your safety and security first. That is why we give you free scooter training and a lot of useful tips before sending you away on your Bermuda adventure.

First, you have to be aware of the local rules and regulations. Being on summer holiday does not mean you can always do what you want, when you want – if only! We’ll show you how to avoid accidents and take care of yourself as well as others on the road.

One point that should not cause any trouble to British visitors is the side where to drive: as a British overseas territory, Bermuda has adopted the same convention as the Britain and vehicles drive on the left hand of the road. You should still be careful as visitors from other countries will not be used to this (Japan, India and Australia are the only other countries to drive on the left with the UK).

Scooters parked in Bermuda

The speed limit is the same everywhere on the island and, probably, far lower to what you’re used to. The speed limit on the Island is 22 mph (35 km/h). However, we recommend that you drive at whatever pace is most comfortable for you, especially if you don’t have much experience – or none at all – in driving a scooter or a moped.

After all, you are on holiday so you might as well enjoy the view at a leisurely pace! That’s what Bermuda is all about, after all!

We know that the mild subtropical climate of Bermuda is very hot, but you must wear a safety helmet, and fasten it, at all times on a scooter. In Bermuda, scooter safety comes first and getting a tan comes second! You let your hair down (or out) while at the beach, by a swimming pool, at the terrace of a restaurant or on a golf course.

It would be a real shame to ruin your hard-earned holidays by compromising on scooter safety and you can trust Elbow Beach Cycle to provide you with the best training programme on the island.

We will never let anyone drive away on our scooters if we are not 100% sure that they know what they are doing and are totally comfortable with it. Your safety is our reputation and we want you to have the best time in Bermuda possible.


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