Best of Bermuda Awards 2011: The Very Best Bermuda Has To Offer

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Best of Bermuda Awards

Bermuda is an island full of great people and great places where everyone can find what they are looking for, whether it is good food to buy or to eat, clothes, bars or pubs, gifts, or a café to relax.

But visitors and locals alike are always keen to get the best of the best and without having to go themselves through the daunting task of tasting, experimenting and visiting every shop, restaurant,drugstore, bakery. That’s why we came up with our things to do in Bermuda series!

The Bermudian has also come up with the Best of Bermuda Awards, listing the best in Bermuda, in dozens of categories. They cover every aspect of life, from food to shopping, entertainment, and even sports.

You can then easily know where to get the best cup of java, the best pizza, the best hamburger, the best fish sandwich. You can find which is the best hotel restaurant, where to have the best party,who will treat you the best, where to buy the best accessories or the best hats, and even where the best people-watching perch is.

If you are planning to come to the island for a vacation, you can plan your time to fit in with the best event in Bermuda, whether you are a fan of sports, or even a sports person, or a fan of music. Bermuda is already a magic place, but if you want the most amazing and perfect experience ever, live the Best of Bermuda.

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Best Of Bermuda Awards 2011

We do hope you find our roundup of the best in Bermuda useful!

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