Going on Holiday Or Vacation – Exactly Where Is Bermuda?

Posted in: News - Last Updated: September 24th, 2015 by Dolores Thomas

Map of where Bermuda is

Location of Bermuda - Original image courtesy of Google Maps

It is a common mistake to place Bermuda as a Caribbean island or as part of the Bahamas, probably because it has a tropical climate and it is located in the Atlantic Ocean. But Bermuda is hundreds of miles north of the Bahamas and lies a thousand miles east off the coast of Florida.

It is important to know where is Bermuda if you are planning a holiday there, essentially because the climate and the way of life is very different from the Caribbean.

The sub-tropical climate of Bermuda makes for a more comfortable and agreeable summertime and warmer winter months – mainly thanks to the Gulf Stream that passes nearby. From May to October, temperatures are between 75°F / 23°C and 85°F / 29°, while from December to March, they fluctuate between 50°F / 10°C and 75°F / 20°C, although, in general, it’s around 70°F / 17°C. As a consequence, it is possible to do all kind of activities during the day without having to take drastic precautions against extremely high temperatures – in addition to being able to do all-year-round outdoor activities. For more information, visit our weekly Bermuda weather update. Tropical storms are also less frequent than in the Caribbean.

The way of life adopted in Bermuda is different from that of the Caribbean. Because of its isolated location in the North Atlantic Ocean, it has not been influenced by other holiday destinations and has kept its British cultural heritage. Although you can party in to the night, it’s not really a destination for night-life owls and those who are looking for noisy and busy resorts. Bermuda is a conservative island that offers luxurious accommodations combining old British colonial style and modern facilities.

If you thought Bermuda was in the Caribbean, you might have expected spending your holidays in your bikini or trunks, moving from the beach to a restaurant, a bar or a nightclub. One of the main differences with many other holiday destinations is that beach wear is strictly not allowed in towns. In fact, trunks and bikinis, as well as revealing tops and shorts are only allowed on beaches and around swimming-pools. Anywhere else, you are required to wear decent clothing such as the famous Bermuda shorts – the shortest trousers allowed – and shirts. If you pack your suitcases without knowing where Bermuda is, you might have to buy some new clothes on arrival!

Bermuda from the sky

One thing you may have heard about Bermuda is that it is one of the three corners of the Bermuda Triangle. But don’t worry, it is unlikely that your airplane or cruise ship will disappear on the way to your holidays. Documented evidence shows that most of the alleged disappearances have been inaccurately reported or embellished – leading to the myth/fact debate of the Bermuda Triangle – is it a myth or are many seaman wrong when reporting strange happenings? The fact is that Bermuda is located on one of the most used ship lanes and that the quota of disappearances in the area is allegedly similar to that of any other in the world – or is it!?!?

Regardless of scientific findings or more, local, contradictory stories, there’s one fact about Bermuda that can’t be argued with. Here, at Elbow Beach Cycles, we’re the best bike rental company in Bermuda by far!


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