Have A ‘Whale’ Of A Time In Bermuda!

Posted in: News - Last Updated: September 24th, 2015 by Dolores Thomas

Bermuda is known for welcoming return visitors like family. There are many tourists who love the destination and can’t wait to come back. So why should marine life be any different?

The island has amazingly seen the return of two migratory humpback whales. It has been reported the same two whales have been spotted in the island waters on three separate occasions. They were first seen in 1977 and then came in 1984 and have now reconvened for a third visit! Must be the local rum! The whales were observed swimming in shallow waters near Chubb Head.

“We managed to identify both these whales and both were first photographed in Bermuda, one 34 years ago and the other 27 years ago “commented whale expert Andrew Stevenson.

There is no doubt in the researcher’s mind that these are the same whales that have come before due to the “migratory animal’s unique tail fluke markings which are used for individual identification.”

It seems these two marine animals enjoy Bermuda so much they keep revisiting. Not unlike many of their human tourist counterparts!


Source: Bernews.com


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