Interesting Facts About Bermuda

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Bermuda Grass

Luscious Lovely Lawn - Bermuda Grass. The grass is greener!

One of the first things you might notice if you ever come to Bermuda (apart from the fact it’s a paradise island, the sea and temperature), is the abundance of green and healthy grass that covers a lot of the Island.

But strangely enough, grass doesn’t occur naturally in Bermuda and therefore, technically, is an invading species! It’s thought that the grass seeds were brought by both tropical winds from Africa and via slaves and traders – both wittingly and unso.

Usually known as ‘Bermuda Grass’ – and world famous in the horticulctural world -  it is locally called ‘Crab Grass’ in reference to the way it grows. Its root system can reach over 2 metres deep (just under 6 feet in old money!), making it very difficult to uproot, and it grows by crawling very quickly on the surface of the ground. The grass forms a dense and tough mat, resisting very well to the heat and drought of subtropical climates – in fact, it thrives on Bermuda’s climate. It is perfect for golf courses and other sporting turfs.

It is easy to imagine that the many bays and coves that can be found on the Bermuda shorelines provided excellent haven for pirates. Even if it was not really on any trade routes, there was a good number of ships that would come crashing on its reefs and it played a role in the history of piracy.

Henry Jennings was one of the first pirates, a Bermudian hired by the Governor of Jamaica in the early 1700′s to chase…pirates. Near Florida, Jennings raided the gold of a Spanish convoy being salvaged and from another vessel they encountered. They then established a base in New Providence which would become the home port of some famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack Rackam.

Another maybe more known character to come from Bermuda was Johne Rolfe, who discover how to cure tobacco and also, possibly more interestingly, married the Indian Princess Pocahontas. Rolfe was one of the first settlers to arrive in Bermuda aboard the Sea Venture – see our Bermuda shipwrecks page for more info – and his first wife gave birth on the Island to a daughter called Bermuda. He sailed to Virginia after his wide died and remained there.

The Sea Venture

"The Sea Venture in a heavy Sea in 1609," painting by Christopher Grimes

Talking about water, but in a completely different sense, there are no bodies of fresh water at all on any of the150 islands that form Bermuda – not a single lake or river! The locals and tourists have to rely on rainfall. By law, each apartment complexe and private home must have their own water tanks – either to collect rain water or be replenished from other sources. There are more than 21,000 water tanks on the Island as well as about 3,000 wells usually used for flushing and washing. With the groundwater extraction as well as the the tanks an wells, they provide 90% of Bermuda’s water supply.

And we’ve not even mentioned why Bermus Shorts are called so! We have a full page dedicated to this world-wide fashion icon!

There is a lot more to discover about Bermuda than sun, sea and superb food and entertainment -  but the best way to do it is certainly to spend some time here!

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