More Things To Do And Activities On Vacation In Bermuda

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The Amazing long Tail Bird

Bermuda.. a paradise we never stop going on about. And, as we live here, why not? If you need a vacation and are looking for activities you normally wouldn’t or can’t undertake because of where you live, then get on a flight or a cruise to the place that’s as close to heaven as you can get on earth!

We will never tire of saying how amazing Bermuda beaches and waters are! So snorkelling and diving are of course are great place to start, although we’ve posted about this before, but it needs reiterated! Coral reefs and shipwreck sites will give you plenty to discover, and there are many beaches to start from. Bermuda also provides the ultimate golf experience and is a favourite setting for golfers with a combination of great courses and sub-tropical weather.

Fortunately, there is more to Bermuda than sports and water, and you’ll be spoiled for choice when you get here – and if not sure where to go on a caribbean vacation, then, hopefully, we’ll tempt you to Bermuda! A small and fabulous island, we offer everything you need. It’s the travel equivalent of a lady’s hand bag – got everything you need in a very small place!

A great way to see the best of it is to take a tour of the island. Via a tour guide or self-guided, by scooter, mountain bike, bus, taxi, boat or on foot, there are many options that you can tailor depending on what you want to see. And there’s a lot to see for such a petite paradise!

If you decide to move around a lot, think about renting a scooter. This the preferred mode of transportation in Bermuda, especially since only locals are allowed to own a car which tourists to bermuda can’t rent by law. Bikes are best way to discover Bermuda and allow you to go wherever you want. Make sure you follow the safety rules and always wear a helmet. Find out more on our safety advice and tips page.

If you like horse-riding or have always wanted to give it a go, Bermuda is perfect for it. There are numerous paths, in the countryside, along and across beaches and unused railway trails to take you to places inaccessible by motorised vehicles. The two main centres are located in Warwick and the Devonshire Parish.

The Island is in the middle of migration routes between North and South America and an ideal stop for birds to get a rest before commencing on their journey. This makes Bermuda a great place for bird watching, with migratory species in spring and fall, as well as resident species all year round. And the Bermuda longtail bird (if you can see one) is an awesome sight. The best locations are the nature reserves in Smith’s Parish and Paget Parish, as well as the Warwick Pond, Seymour’s Pond, Hog bay Park and Watch Hill Park.

Another gem of Bermuda is the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, in Paget, the Island’s first purpose built museum. It has over 1,200 works by Bermuda-inspired artists such as Winslow Homer and Georgia O’Keeffe, as well as a display of many local artists.

Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art - Curtesy of Lucy Hollis

Bermuda is synonymous with luxury too and there is no better way to relax on vacation than being pampered in a spa and there are many so many here, you might find your whole vacation is spent in one! And, why not? Spend some time being looked after while you can before you go home to the hustle and bustle of daily, normal life! Most spa locations also have fitness facilities and swimming-pools. Get relaxed and get fit at the same time – splendid!

For those who are not keen on diving, yet eager to explore and no patience for relaxing in a spa, there’s the almost ethereal Crystal and Fantasy Caves, in Hamilton Parish. It has lakes and passageways over 120 feet below the surface and you can take a bottom-glass boat trip for some of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see.

Bermuda has the lot. In fact, it’s the ONLY place to go for the perfect vacation in the caribbean! In addition to to these activities, if you’re a culture vulture, then why not check out our quirky top ten things to do and see in Bermuda.

To see it in all it’s glory, why not do it by scooter in Bermuda!

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