MS Veendam To Visit Ham 5/6 In Bermuda On May 1st

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ms Veendam

One of the superstars of the Holland America cruise Line, the cruise ship MS Veendam, will be making several visits to Bermuda in May.

This mighty vessel will be making its inaugural stop this month on Tuesday the 1st of May at 0800. The ship will have a three day lay over, docked at Ham 5/6. This will let passengers have a couple of nights partying on the island, before setting off at 1.30 in the afternoon of the 4th.

The MS Veendam will then be back the following Tuesday, the 8th of May, for another three days. It will once again dock at 8am and leave at one thirty on the afternoon of the 11th. The cruise ship will then head back to Bermuda four days later, on the 15th, at the same time; 0800 and at the same dock; Ham 5/6. The MS Veendam shall then remain moored at the waterfront for a further three days, prior to its departure on the 18th.

The ship will make its fourth visit to Ham  5/6, at 8am on Tuesday the 22nd of May. The Veendam will enjoy another three days at Bermuda, before heading off at 1.30 pm on the 25th. This leaves one last trip of the month. It will moor at Ham 5/6 for the sixth time altogether on the 29th of May, at eight in the morning. She will then stay on that stretch of dockside until 13.30 on the 1st of June.

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*Please note this schedule is subject to change without notice. Compiled by the Department of Marine and Ports Services.

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