Delight Yourself At The Devonshire Beaches, In Bermuda

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Devonshire Parish Beaches

There are a number of delightful beaches in the parish of Devonshire, in Bermuda. Treat yourself to a day at the beach.

This is a parish in a predominant, centralised part of the island. It was christened after a major investor, originally from the UK. He played a part in making the parish a colony and would eventually become its inaugural Earl. His name was William Cavendish. Devonshire is distinctive among the parishes of Bermuda, as it doesn’t have any ports or harbours. This has prevented it from holding a prominent position in the maritime or shipping trade. It is known though for having a calm, laid back ambiance, with beautiful beaches you can spend some free time and lounge around in.

A large number of visitors to Devonshire head for Devonshire Bay. It has a public beach to be found by South Road, on the South Shore. This is thought to be a perfect family spot, which is ideal for youngsters. It is also the single beach on the southern shore of the parish which is open to the public. The Bay has various attractions, from parks to a historical fort, alongside its famous beach.

This is the place to go swimming. It is said to have tranquil waters in fair winds. It has stunning vistas of the island’s southern coastline, with boiler reefs nearby. The Bay has pools of water all around, which you could wade through and observe the local marine life. These range from tiny crabs, to fish and shrimp. The beach at Devonshire Bay is also a great place to picnic or eat a packed lunch. It is furthermore known for the striking palmettos and baygrapes which surround it.

There is a close knit bay and beach a short trip from Palmetto Park, located on North Shore Road. It is called Robinson Bay. This is a prime spot to observe the cruise ships either making dock or departing from Hamilton, the island capital.

Visitors can also take in the awesome private Ariel Sands Beach (Cox’s Bay). It is a feature of the Ariel Sands Club in Devonshire Parish.

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