There Are Bermuda Vacation Deals For Every Holidaymaker Budget

Posted in News: May 5th, 2011 Dudley

A beautiful Bermuda beach

Bermuda is a fantastic holiday destination, but like most things that are fantastic, they generally come at a cost! Like anywhere, you can spend a fortune on a holiday resort or hotel and Bermuda is no different, as it offers real luxurious accommodation and amenities. Or, is it different regarding expense?

The upside of destinations that can be expensive is that they’re kept in pristine condition and are not overcrowded by hordes of tourists like some other places like the Caribbean islands. Bermuda, for example, can be expensive, as it is a haven of peace and tranquility where everything is ready for you to just lie back and forget any worries – but it doesn’t have to be expensive!

It’s a place where not only the rich and famous can sunbath in the beautiful pink sand beaches and sapphire clear water or enjoy the stunning views of bays and coves – and even compete on some of the most beautiful golf courses on earth! Bermuda caters for all budgets and it is a favourite destination for divers and snorkellers, as well as the perfect place for couples or family holidays. Many hotels and resorts offer Bermuda vacation deals comprising of flights and accommodation at fantastic prices.

Of course, the summer season is the most expensive, as it is in many holiday destinations. Because of its climate, Bermuda is an amazing place to go and from April to November it may appear expensive. However, staying in Bermuda in low season will cost much less but will still be amazing. If you do want to travel in high season, many of the hotels and beach resorts will throw in a third, fourth or fifth night for free, in April, May and June – what a result!

The Bermudian winter is often overlooked but it’s certainly an attractive destination at this time of year, with spring-like temperatures and deserted beaches and hotels. You will get the best deals at this time of the year and experience an unforgettable time.

Bermuda cruises can be a very good way to reduce the cost of vacations while enjoying a relaxing trip to the Island and leave from six US ports – Baltimore, Boston, Cape Liberty, Charleston, New York, and Norfolk – as well as other ports in Europe and South America. For those with a tight budget, going on a cruise will considerably reduce the cost of accommodation, especially if you wish to visit more than one place. Some cruises will stop at more than one of the three Bermuda docks.

Bermuda Hotel

There are also Bermuda vacation deals for those who don’t mind the cost of holidays but want total peace of mind and a hassle-free time. All-inclusive holidays are now only available at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, but many hotels have meal plans that can include breakfast, lunch and dinner such as the Mandarin Oriental in Elbow Beach.

It’s time to come to Bermuda. It’s summer shortly. It really is value for money. And it’s time to come and see us. (Although, we’ll come to see you with a bike wherever you are in Bermuda!). A fantastic vacation deal in Bernuda and then the best company in Bermuda to rent vehicles – remember, you can’t rent a car in Bermuda if you’re a tourist – makes for good stuff!

We, at Elbow Beach Cycles, only wish we were so privaleged to go on vacation to such a destination!


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