Triplecrown / Billfish Blast

Kick off the big-game fishing season in Bermuda with the Billfish Blast, a prelude to three days of magnificent fishing for the annual Triple Crown event.

Hook yourself a saving for Triple Crown & Billfish Blast

In Bermuda, our lives are defined by our interaction with the sea. We sail, we dive, we snorkel, and we fish. And that’s where the Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship comes in.

The Triple Crown, the biggest and most popular of Bermuda’s many big-game fishing events, is the contest no one wants to miss. The fish are huge and the competition is fierce. It’s every man and fish for himself. And it’s much the same with scooter and hybrid electric bike rentals. The best are hooked by those who book early. If you want to land the best deal for the Triple Crown and Billfish Blast

About the Triple Crown and Billfish Blast

The Triple Crown takes place every July at the height of summer. The ‘triple’ comes from the three competitions: the Billfish Blast (part of the Blue Marlin World Cup Championship), the Bermuda Big Game Classic, and the Sea Horse Anglers Club Billfish Tournament.

The purses on offer are as big and attractive as the fish whipped from the Atlantic Ocean. They range from $300,000 for the Blast to $475,750 in cash and $20,000 in prizes for the Big Game Classic.

Only certain fish can win points during the Triple Crown Billfish Blast: the blue marlin, the white marlin, the spearfish and the sailfish. Teams must release the fish, although blue marlins over 500 pounds can be boated on day one. In 2011, the winning crew released four blue marlins on the last day, one of them around 700 pounds.

The Triple Crown Billfish Blast is competitive, but we’re a friendly lot here on Bermuda. That’s why a clause allows crews to help another boat that’s in trouble. We do draw the line at helping them land or release fish, however.

Double-quick travel

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